Host Resources

If you are interested in hosting a WWFM event in your area, check out these resources, tips and tools!

Basic Requirements:

  • Hold your event on the official, announced day, at the official time (for an exception, please contact Sonny and Sandy at podcacher [at] gmail [dot] com)
  • The event should last only 15 minutes (but you can always gather informally afterwards for geocaching!)
  • Take a group picture
  • Collect the number of people attended for statistical purposes
  • Be creative and Have fun!

Put WWFM XII in your event title, and your event will be found and added to the Official Bookmark list

Find many resources in the PodCacher Forums

Sync your event to the Official Time (use this link to see the official time equivalent in your city)
    10:00 am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) = UTC (GMT/Zulu) time: 17:00:00

Order your Official Geocoins and Official Pathtags

Use the LOGO below for your event webpage - WWFM XII logo.jpg (COMING SOON)

NOTE: Groundspeak has asked us to remind you not to have links to on the cache page as they consider this commercial. Feel free to link to this site to provide your attendees with all the pertinent information!

REMINDER: As you plan, please be considerate of local, city, state and federal laws. Our intent is to have a fun 15 minute event. Please make every effort not to disrupt or cause a nuisance to your local area. Let's leave a good name for Geocachers as our mark!

ANY QUESTIONS: Contact Sonny and Sandy at podcacher [at] gmail [dot] com

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