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Finding an Event

Here are some ideas if you are wanting to find a WWFM event near you:

1] If you are a premium member, create a pocket query for just events - within a mileage radius that you are comfortable driving. Then scan the results for a WWFM event. The beauty of a pocket query is that you can run it over and over, as time passes, to see if any new events have been posted in your search area.

2] Go to the bookmark list, and then do a "find" on the page (on a Mac, that is CMD-F, on a PC, it would be CTRL-F) and then search for your state or country. NOTE: for US States, search for "USA XX" where XX is the 2 letter state code. Also note, there may be multiple pages to the bookmark list, so you may have to repeat your search. You'll quickly jump down to the correct section and then you can look through your state or country's events. As you scan the list, look on the left side to see how far each event is from your home location.